Leaders in electrical and optical fibre cable splices...

The Splices we offer are:
  • A low cost alternative to traditional over-moulding
  • Suitable for Deep Sea and Flood Zones
  • A field installable solution
  • Entirely non-metallic - suitable for magnetometer and geo-magnetic applications
  • Cost effective
  • Scalable for cables 2.5 to 61mm diameter
The traditional way in which cable joints are sealed against moisture ingress is to over-mould the joint using materials such as Neoprene, hot or cold-cure Polyurethane or Polyethylene, the choice being driven by the material of the cable jacket or outer sheath. Over-taping is also used in less severe environments.

Users of electrical connectors with built-in cable tails will be familiar with the added cost of creating an over moulding onto these cables, either to join two such cables or to attach the connector or penetrator to a longer cable. The skills, knowledge and equipment needed to achieve good long-term adhesion to the cable jacket is not insignificant.

In many instances the necessary over-moulding needs to be carried out in a workshop environment. Where long extension cables are involved there can also be the added time and cost needed to transport large drums of cable to and from the site of the specialist moulder.

Here at Sealed-Connections, we have developed a fully field-installable, fully immersible, cable splice available in a family of sizes to suit cables from 2.5 mm to 61 mm diameter.

  • Low cost solution, quick and easy to install without special skills
  • Supplied as a simple kit of parts ready for immediate assembly
  • No bonding or adhesion to cable jackets - ideal for 'difficult’ jacket materials
  • Can be used to join cables with differing jacket materials and diameters.
  • Saves transportation cost and time by taking the joint to the cable rather than the cable to the joining workshop
  • Fully resistant to water or gaseous ingress
  • Automatic pressure-compensation to full ocean depth
  • Comprehensive list of accessories and tools available to support the joining of the conductors
  • Applications support available from a team with many years of experience in the design and manufacture of sub-sea connectors and penetrators, flexible and rigid polyurethane castings and cable and umbilical jointing and termination
Applications include:
  • Protecting and water-proofing joints in electrical and optical fibre cables allowing the use of industrial/non-waterproof optical fibre connectors or splices
  • Protecting joints in hoses etc. against corrosion
Working environments include:
  • Sub-sea
  • Tidal zones
  • Flood zones
  • Mines
  • Telecoms
  • Ducted Cables
  • Underground or buried cables
and others.